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The Endurance Lab

Running Clinic and Workshop (Tamuning @ 4pm Saturday July 30)

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Image of Running Clinic and Workshop (Tamuning @ 4pm Saturday July 30)

Our workshops differ from the seminar as they allow our coaches to work individually with each runner. The purpose is develop correct running form by using drills, stretching, and strength building exercises. Athletes will participate in a 2-hour session that includes a detailed review of their current form and demonstration of specific drills to correct inefficiencies. Runners will learn proper stretching and strides to prepare themselves for high intensity workouts. And, why we have you there we might as well try one.

Limited to first 25 registrants

Runners Amy Atkinson and Charlie Epperson will lead the program.

Special thanks to Nicdao Chiropractic & Wellness Center for hosting our event. Dr. Nicdao will be on site to offer evaluations for any runners.

Sponsored by IConnect and SPPC (76/Circle K).